11 Things A Guy Should Never Say To A Girl In Bed 4

#6 Are You Finished? Or…

Stop asking if she is finished and just enjoy the moment. If you are worried because you are finished way before her, then use your imagination and figure out a way to help her out. Asking a girl if she is finished is rude, uncomfortable and makes it seem like you are bored, which in turn makes her feel insecure. The last thing you want is a girl who feels weird around you (chances are you will never see her again because she is too embarrassed to be with you). Just think about it, how would you feel if a girl kept asking you if you were finished? Amateur move guys.

#7 I’ll Just Pull Out

Obviously a conversation should be had before you do the deed in regards to protection, but sometimes in the heat of the moment things happen and believe it or not guys, not every girl is on birth control. The statement “I’ll just pull out” strikes fear in the heart of every single mother out there; chances are that is the way that a majority of them ended up becoming a single mom. It is like a scene from a horror film when a guy says those dreaded words; this is why you should only be having sex when you are old enough to know that pulling out is not a proper form of contraception.

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