11 Things A Guy Should Never Say To A Girl In Bed 3

#4 Ew…
Nope, there is no place for “ew” anywhere in the sex vocabulary, especially during the act. First, what are you saying ew to and second, could you not hold your apparent disgust until after the act (like a good several days after, when you are not in her presence and preferably not even in her life anymore). Quite frankly you cannot say ew to someone during sex and then expect for there to be room for another incident like that to occur. Oh, but before you disappear please explain what the ew was about so we can assess the situation ourselves and see if you were right or just being a jerk.

#5 Can You Hurry Up?

Wait, is it not your job to make that part happen? Why are you asking me to hurry up? I’m waiting for you to do what you are supposed to do. There must be some confusion here; if she is taking long to climax, you as the male could possibly be doing something wrong. Let’s try an experiment; time how long it takes for you to satisfy her and then time how long it takes for her to satisfy herself, of better yet how long it takes another guy to satisfy her and then we will figure out the reason why she takes so long with you.

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