11 Things A Guy Should Never Say To A Girl In Bed 5

#8 Silence

Nothing is worst than dead silence. Only a negative outcome can come from this. Silence usually means something awkward happened and silence during sex or after sex usually means that the sex was either disturbingly bad or ridiculously good. However, experience will tell you that it was probably horribly bad. If you are not a huge talker after sex that is cool too, but maybe make that known so we as the woman do not automatically think that it was us and something we did wrong, or worst off think that your silence is a way of telling us to get up and go.

#9 Random Dirty Talk

Talking dirty is an art form, it is something that must be practiced and mastered; that being said if you have no experience doing it, then please keep it to yourself. Telling someone to f*** you is redundant when they are already doing it, and making the mistake of saying something dirty that you think is hot but could actually be a huge turnoff for the girl is risky. It also makes for an awkward experience when you ultimately say the wrong thing which is very likely. Save the dirty talk for someone who you have an actual relationship with and you are confident you know what they want to hear. There are plenty of things to do with your mouth during this time besides talking.

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