11 Things A Guy Should Never Say To A Girl In Bed 6


#10 Does It Feel Good?/Do You Like That?

 it did not feel good, don’t you think something would have been said? The alternative to something not feeling good is something feeling bad; what girl in her right mind is willingly going to endure any kind of pain to ensure not to bruise the ego of her significant other? Alternatively, if you are asking if it feels good because you are fishing for a compliment, then you are being narcissistic and it’s annoying that you need constant reassurance. During the middle of a sexual act is not the time to evaluate your sexual experience, nor is it the time to assume that it’s okay to even ask for an evaluation. For the time being; yes, I like it, yes it feels good and it will stay that way until it does not; thanks.

#11 Is It In?

If you have to ask if it is in, then you are an amateur and should probably finish sex education before you attempt to have sex again. One of the first things that everyone should know about sex is where everything goes, so asking if it is in raises a lot of questions and suggests that you are not ready to take the big step into a sexual relationship. When you think about it you are kind of insulting the girl asking if it is in because there is definitely some kind of sensation to be felt when it is in, claiming to not feel a sensation is suggesting that she is not so tight which is inferring that she sleeps around a lot and ultimately you are calling her a tramp, no? Okay, maybe that’s over thinking it.

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