The Largest Swimming Pool In The World Is Bloody Ridiculous

One of the best things about going on holiday is lounging around the pool. There is literally no finer feeling in life than sunbathing all morning, then taking a much needed dip in the cooling waters before the bar opens for Happy Hour. So with this in mind, would you want to enjoy the world’s largest pool?
Located at the San Alfonso del Mar resort in Algarrobo, Chile, the pool is 3,324 feet (1,013 meters) in length and comprising a total of 19.77 acres. The gist is that it’s pretty damn big.
Filled with millions of gallons of water, it took a staggering five years to build! Madness when you think about it.
Not content with being just the biggest pool in the world, it is also probably one of the most sophisticated when it comes to technology
The pool itself has a worldwide patent; it collects and filters water from the ocean, keeping it 9 degrees warmer than the sea during summer. Essentially this technology allows the owner to create ‘lagoons of unlimited size’. This is how the water stays so clear.

Well I know where I’m going on my holiday this summer. Chile here I come! Home of Pablo Neruda (the author for you unsophisticated types), Alexis Sanchez (the footballer for you nerdy types) and Augusto Pinochet (the military junta leader for you apolitical types) – Chile is now home to the most impressive swimming pool on the planet. But don’t get too carried away about pools, here are some disgusting truths about why pools make your eyes red. It’s gross trust me.

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